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How Mindset Affects Directors and CEOs

Asked what the most important factor is in a company’s success, and most people will reply cash flow, happy employees or a full order book. Whilst these are all good answers, many people fail to realise that the success of any business starts at the top – the ‘captain’ of the ship.

It’s the owner’s mindset that has a massive impact on the company’s success – vision for the company, choices on direction, and decisions on how staff are treated and managed.

But at the same time, the owner’s mindset can also be the organisation’s biggest risk factor. Many business owners find it difficult to let go and allow others to autonomously run the show. And if they fail to let the business operate without their close, and quite often interfering constant intervention, this can ultimately stifle business growth.

Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are excellent role models – employing gifted people and leaving them to it.
Desire to be in control can often stem from childhood experiences. Maybe you always had someone micromanaging you. Or perhaps you were never left to complete things as child and so you’ve now developed the habit of taking over.

Learned emotional response systems – which are completely ‘subconscious’ – govern 95% of all decisions we make, how we feel in any given situation and what we do or say at any moment.

Whilst we may believe that we take conscious actions, our real ‘remote controls’ are emotional memory and chemical reactions. Our feelings drive our actions, and our actions dictate our results. 80% of these feelings are learned before the age of 12 – and unless you’ve done specific exercises to identify them then they’ll still dominate your life.

My Subconscious Surgery is a scientifically designed procedure where I can converse with your subconscious belief systems and find the habits and beliefs which may be causing you issues and, through a clever technique, remove the attachments. I can help you change the way you feel about things, and change the way you behave towards them. It’s as if you’ve had dirty glasses on for years and you’re suddenly able to see your way forward with much more clarity.

By checking your emotional responses to statements and images I can find the resistance and often diagnose it so accurately that I can tell you how old you were and who caused the belief system to be programmed within you in the first place.

This alone can be an incredibly therapeutic experience as you’ll start to see in retrospect how this experience has affected you, your habits and your choices through life.

You need to change as your business changes – doing things you’ve never done before. If your business isn’t growing at the pace it should, despite you seemingly doing everything right, then you’ve got a belief system which is sabotaging you at every move.

I work closely with you using specially-designed techniques to increase your learning speed and modify your belief systems and behaviours. This will make your feelings and attitude more aligned with where you want to go.

I’ll help you:
Reduce stress, if not eliminate it completely.
Make clearer decisions.
Work less hours and increase productivity.
Effortlessly create positive changes in your life.
Increase happiness and wellbeing.
Give up your day job and own your business.

As your business can now grow bigger than you, you’ll also see significantly increased productivity.


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