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Emotional Programming

With the constant challenges and pressures that modern day life throws at us, it’s no surprise that we can sometimes take a defeatist – even cynical – view of the world.

We open the newspapers or turn on the TV and hear about the corrupt or at best ‘misplaced’ agendas of politicians and large corporations. We invest large amount of time, energy and resources in the hope of pursuing exciting new challenges – only to see them collapse under the weight of outside pressures. We lose everything we’ve ever valued and cared for through the selfish motives of people we always felt we could love and trust.

So how can we realistically be expected to grasp the sanity and pride we need to face the world or believe that consummate bliss and happiness really exist?

Our feelings, thoughts and emotions are shaped by everyday experiences. We’re not born with irrational fears – we absorb them from our environment. The redeeming thing is, we’ve all been in a place of bliss and happiness before the gremlins of life came to challenge us. And the key to our future is that with the right beliefs, thoughts and attitude we can return there.

I set out on a journey to ‘detox’ my thoughts. I wanted to rid my mind of any defeatist attitudes – turning negative responses such as ‘I can’t,’ ‘It’s too…..,’ ‘I wish,’ ‘I haven’t,’ into a far more positive frame of mind. I’d quickly recognise these negative expressions and gradually start to have an amusing and reactive adverse reaction. My whole body would do a short convulse of sudden awareness and instant intervention, halting me in my tracks. I’d instantly reverse what I’d intended to say, framing it into the polar opposite and in a more uplifting and positive manner.

I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone the joy and elation you experience when you do this. It’s clearly empowering and can equip you with the confidence and desire to tackle the high pressure and everyday challenges of life.

There are other simple techniques you can use to achieve a calm, bliss-lie state. These include:

  • Closing your eyes.
  • Standing or sitting up straight and strong.
  • Taking nice long slow-controlled breaths in for 20 seconds then out for 20 seconds.
  • Clasping one of your thumbs gently with your other hand.

Some of these techniques are discreet – allowing you to do them unnoticed in the office.

So, to experience the bliss and happiness we all deserve, tackle your inner gremlins and turn your negative thoughts, words and emotions into positivity.


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