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Most people in network marketing are currently working but not earning as much as they’d like, or want a better lifestyle and work/life balance. Whilst some succeed, others struggle to sell any products or effectively grow their downline business and recruit others who stick at it.

If you’ve watched any of my talks then you’ll know that nearly everything we have in our lives we’ve made a subconscious choice to have. So, in reality, the reason why your part-time business isn’t working is because of your relationship with money and success.
It’s echoed by the negative affirmations I call ‘Mind Chatter,’ or the ‘Monkey Mind.’ (see this awesome ted talk).

I test this with my clients every day and you can do it too. (watch this vid for how)
Everyone I test in the real world goes weak at some point.

For example, when I tested one of my clients on his belief in what he was doing and whether he would advocate others to do the same, he was 50:50.

The problem is that if your 50:50 or below then you’ll sabotage your business and won’t feel comfortable with half of what you need to do.

So the test is on a scale 1-10 – 1 being ‘OMG this is a complete scam,’ and 10 being ‘OMG this is the most ethical and amazing business and I’m going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams.

If you go weak at a 5, you’re 50:50. You’ve got conflicting beliefs – one part of you wants it and believes enough to give it a go, but the other half of you thinks it’s absolutely pointless and won’t work.

If you knew for sure that what you were doing was completely pointless because it was impossible and a scam, would you fully commit to putting every amount of effort into the business you could? The answer is simply NO!

This is also how your subconscious mind works, except it remembers the pain of all the previous times you put effort in and the disappointment of finding out it was futile. So why put any effort in now?!

We all have a ‘Reticular Activating System’ which works on what is known as confirmation bias. It looks for evidence of what you’re searching for. If you’ve got a fear of looking like a fool, or your friends, family and new contacts treating you as if you’re an infectious zombie then you’ll create the circumstances for it to come true.

How this appears in life is how you come across to people. If you don’t fully believe in your product, then you’ll struggle to sell it – and you’ll come across as not being confident or believable. If people don’t believe you’re confident in success, then why should they believe you’ll succeed.

People dislike confrontation. How many times have you said to someone when you’ve been invited to go somewhere you don’t want to go “I’ll do my best?’ You’ve actually got no intention of going but don’t want to upset the person’s feelings.

In business, many people don’t have the confidence to say they’re not interested – and then become the scarlet pimpernel when you try to follow them up!

Now you’ll always get people who aren’t ready to believe you or be interested in doing the same, but is you go in with 100% confidence and enthusiasm, completely convinced by what you say, and effortlessly make your calls with no hesitation or trepidation then your conversion – and consequently your business – will go through the roof.

If you’re finding it a big struggle, and it’s a massive effort to get very little, then you need to take off the handbrake and release the resistance you have in your subconscious mind about doing it. I can’t begin to explain all the possible reasons for your struggle – have a look on my YouTube channel or in my other resources area and suggested books.

If you don’t want to bother with all the research, just click here for our information pack on how we can do all the work for you and rewire your emotions for success and help you take the handbrake off your internal engine so you can effortlessly move forward with absolute confidence.

Everything can be achieved with the right amount of time and effort.


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