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From well over 20 years of training I’ve learned that what makes the difference someone who can really sell and someone who struggles is simply confidence and belief.

We humans are quite sensitive creatures and subconsciously pick up on ‘vibes.’ We with get a good vibe or a bad vibe – and this will influence people’s decision making in many ways.

Everyone likes a happy, bubbly, confident person who isn’t too arrogant. But there’s a fine line between the two, and it mostly resides in the split of ego and heart.

With ego, it can work in many ways. If you’ve got a strong ego, but you’re not confident, you let the ‘Nos’ get you down. You take rejection personally and beat yourself up when you don’t perform. You worry about losing your job if you carry on getting low sales figures. You worry about what the other sales team or your family and friends will think of you when you fail again. We pile all sorts of pressures onto ourselves which only serve to compound the issue, not improve it. Many people are stuck in the ‘I’m just not any good at this’ spiral of thought which wither keeps then just above the level of getting sacked and muddling along at the bottom of the sales charts – or they leave before they’re sacked and just give up.

At the other end of ego is the ‘It’s not my fault’ brigade! They always blame everything else for their lack of consistent performance. I use the word consistent because these are often up and down performance wise. They’ll have exceptional weeks where they get incredible figures to boost their ego as being top performers but then they’ll go through bouts of low performance – with excuses such as ‘it’s the time of year,’ ‘everyone’s on holiday,’ I’ve had a bad list of contacts’ and ‘no one has any money.’ We’ve all met the type!

Sales is an emotive choice. We pick up on subtle things such as tone of voice, conviction and body language. If a salesperson isn’t 100% committed to the product, then he can’t put 100% authenticity into selling it.

Links with past experiences, and beliefs around who you are and what you deserve from life, affects behaviour.

I help clients with this every week. Often in sales, our relationship with money and success is the predominant deciding factor in our behaviour. Our subconscious mind is constantly looking to validate our expectations by looking for confirmation in our environment.

If you’ve got a conditioned belief that you should only earn £20k, £30k or £40k a year, and your target is more than that, when you get to the financial glass ceiling you mind will do everything it can to keep you below it. You internally told yourself that you couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t earn that for various reasons.

In actual fact, the biggest limiting beliefs I find which create the biggest shifts in results are removing the fear of success itself! I know this sounds contradictory to what most of the self-development industry would like you to believe but 99% of my clients will say that they’re resistant to being amazing and what other people will think of that.

I’ve mastered many techniques over the years and taught them to others to create great success for themselves and their business. So as well as removing the emotional turmoil, my clients appreciate the encyclopaedic knowledge and mindset I have in sales techniques.
I could go on about the psychology of sales for pages, but watch my videos and glean snippets of what I’m talking about.


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