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"Adrian never ceases to amaze me with the unbelievable amount of usable knowledge he is able to give, I have been working with him for well over 3 years now! And it has been life changing to say the least! He is the best I have ever met and worked with at what he does! More people need to experience what he has to offer."
Tristen Hamm | 2.1 million followers
Online personality entrepreneur
Working with Adrian has been life changing! I mean, I'm not that person that started a year ago, everything has changed. I changed how I look at my whole world, right down to my health to the way I think about things. I quit pain meds as well as energy drinks after decades of addiction. My health and mindset is like i am a new person and I can now enjoy life more than ever before. I am so grateful for finding and working with Adrian! If you want transformation, he is the real deal!
Dorinda Conroy

Telesales Testimonial

Adrian Taffinder from The Mind Expansion Academy This man is worth his weight in gold. Adrian's techniques, his hard work, being patient with me has worked wonders and changed my life. I can not thank Adrian enough for changing my mind set, rebalancing my emotions and helping me deal with my emotion rucksack. I totally trust this man, completely recommend him and believe in his work. Thank you once again.
Steve Moss
Business Owner | Huddersfield Uk
I wanted to share my experience with Adrian Taffinder with anyone who may be thinking about working with him. I was introduced to him by my mentor Emme Rain. He has a technique called Subconscious Surgery TM that is a laser-focused technique where Adrian is able to go right to the root of an issue, take the energetic charge away, and then he gives you something beneficial to replace that old belief with. He is compassionate and simultaneously direct. My life has definitely improved since I started working with him. My brother from another life-time
Erica Johnson
Business owner LA

Sales Increase Testimonial

Only space for one gratitude statement today, because it's big that there is no room for anything else. During my life, I've mostly got myself through things. I'm self-sufficient and quiet about my life stuff because there are so many positives to focus on. I've never had a knight on a white charger coming to rescue me. It's always been pretty much down to me. Until today. And I didn't even ask. It was just there. Thank you Adrian Taffinder. Amazing distance super powers you've got there! I'm not often speechless but now I am. And smiling
Cathrine Richardson
Executive coach Farnborough, United Kingdom
As you guys know I love to share my journey and knowledge. I have been working with Adrian Taffinder for a few months now. Our sessions have been a blessing from helping me navigate being the best mother to my dragon child, to working through blockages in my finances. All of these have been eye opening but nothing like tonight! Tonight I had a session with Adrian Taffinder. For those who don't know him he is the man behind the amazing pendants you see, he is also the subconscious surgeon appropriately named. He wields his mental scalpel with precise and awe sticking accuracy as he removes the doubt and traumas and that are causing decay of your energy and self. I have been working on my shadow work and some areas have been sitting on my soul like a cyst. I could get them to a head but I was struggling to release them so they kept getting bigger applying a painful pressure to my energy and messing up my balance and flow. Tonight Adrian Skillful lanced that and years and possibly even generations of spiritual puss and trauma finally released it's hold on me. My soul was able to take a breath that is hasn't been able to take since I was a toddler. I have been carrying around and soldiering through this pain for so long that I didn't realize just how much it had been crippling me until it left. My chakras flooded an amount of energy I didn't even know I could hold. My spiritual vision sharpen and my oversoul sighed. Tonight I also realized this is a journey I was never meant to do alone. Asking for help is hard for a lot of people but it was never meant to be a battle and though some parts of our path are solo missions there has never been a single hero, god, or goddess in history ever who accomplished great feats on their own. We all struggle and face challenges but my pride had me thinking I had to tackle these by myself like some twisted rite of passage. I am good with self expression. Never in my life has anyone said 'yo, your throat chakra is looking weak. but I don't have the proper vocabulary to express the freedom and power surge of how I currently feel. Other than I can BREATH! I'm no longer treading water fighting the sensation that I'm being drug under. If you have even thought for an iota about working with him I stand behind him as firmly as I stand behind Emme Rain, Tasha Matrez, and Satin Mapp. There are a few others but those are the power square I wouldn't hesitate on, the foundation that is always a winning bet for me. Anyways, I'll keep y'all updated when I recover from the shock of everything opening up and aligning. I'm pretty sure Adrian just kicked started an ascension of sorts if not the full out thing.
Jennifer Nyx
Business Owner USA

Workshop Testimonial

When I first met Adrian Taffinder, I was very sceptical that he could achieve what he was promising - but he did! I've always been a great believer in personal development, but the methods that Adrian uses have had a more positive impact on my life than anything l've come across before. After the second or third session, I can remember starting to feel lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I've never really suffered from stress and l'm generally an optimistic and positive person, but my life started to improve as I felt I was becoming a better person. I've become more laid back without being any less driven to succeed, and my attitude towards life, business and relationships has changed for the better. Adrian introduced me to the power of the subconscious mind, and I'm now studying the subject in more depth and understanding how it affects all aspects of one's life, including improving my tennis game! I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian to anyone who thinks they may have issues in their life that are holding them back from realising their dreams. He truly is the 'Subconscious Surgeon', a person who is generous with his time, and one who I can now call a friend.
Howard Mostyn
Business owner
“Adrian's abilities are limitless. He can quickly identify physical problem areas holding on to tension, anxiety, past experiences which are manifesting themselves into your recent daily experiences. Keying in and focusing on these areas, with specific verbal cues from Adrian, releases the negative energy stored. He can identify time periods in the past where difficulty and stress initiated, giving the client extreme insight into the beginnings of the negativity, and thus helping to diminish or eliminate that feeling. I found the experience emotional, yet freeing. Your mind can do many wonderful things, and it is a powerful tool that you need on your side at all times. Adrian identifies ways to align that power.”
Donna Edwards
Property Consultant | New Jersey, USA

Depression & Anxiety

“I was introduced to Adrian by a friend who had met him at a networking event and asked me to contact him due to my interest in Mind Power and Motivational Speaking. I had a session with Adrian and whilst I was apprehensive as to what would be uncovered from my subconscious mind, I felt a great wave of relief as Adrian helped me to deal with hidden limiting beliefs and gave me the tools to deal with any negative beliefs as they crop up. I definitely would recommend Adrian to anyone who needs to build their self esteem and gain life confidence.”
Romance Waddington
Waddington Cleaning Services | CEO
Well it's been more than a few days. But I believe I am good for now. This process has caused tremendous improvement in my life. I can't explain it all but I think and feel different, better.
Donna Wilson

Public Speaking

This man, this amazing spirit, as a result of my session, I have experienced the calmest, anxiety, panic, distraught free two weeks, I've had in almost 2 years. My gratitude can never be enough, my thanks can never express, what you've given to me Adrian Taffinder. You will always, for whatever it may be worth, have my friendship. You will always, have a safe place to lay your head here in Canada. I would like to speak to you about learning to do what you do and be able to offer this healing to others in the hopes of helping others find the same peace and healing that you have given to me.
Lynn Law-Poley
Soooooo S/O Adrian Taffinder I had my first energy session with him and I was going to wait a bit to see how much I could account to this Subconscious Surgery TM before I speak on it but.... When I say night one I was feeling really high vibrational and different... . It was like I stepped into my body as someone else... I opened my eves and the place looked foreign... Like I this was the first incarnation and my soul just entered this body... is the best way I was able to put into words... So far... This is night THREE and I have stepped EVERYTHING up... I have to admit I was a really lazy girl... Just wasting time... Like it would stop for me... I've set my goals with deadlines and been actually COMPLETING them 6) I have been accepting and embracing me and my focus is clearing up SO much... I was holding on to a LOT of things but I can see them every day since the energy work just not being on my mind... I actually have to be like "wow, I didn't think about that today".
Tia Te'aire Coach Reiki master
I also had a session with our beloved Adrian, and when I tell you I almost fell out my chair... Sod Sed. All I could think was, "how does he know?!?" The weight that was lifted from my heart felt like it was from more then just this life. If ANYONE is on the fence about this service, I am here to tell you...NIKE!!!
Candice Hopkins
One of my secrets to success is to ALWAYS have some form of healer nearby. Healers need healers! Again, healers need healers. We can only be as effective as our own awareness, and I aim to be exceedingly effective in my gifts. One of my healers is Adrian Taffinder. Adrian does what he calls Subconscious Surgery TM. He has helped me shift emotional blocks that hid in my subconscious so I can freely and effortlessly create the life I want. I refuse to let old narratives direct my life, and I'm so thankful I attracted someone who can help me see me. He has recently created a group called the Subconscious Mastermind group o. I encourage you to join and learn more. The work is never done. (I've been asked before, "why do you share the work that other people do on your page?" I don't believe in lack. There's more than enough out here for us all, and if I don't resonate with you, then someone will. I'd rather direct you into greatness than allow you to walk into foolishness. Check him out!)
Em Press Shé
Adrian is a BEAST y'all. If you've never had a consultation with him you definitely should he will blow your mind 10 times like a good blow job! Adrian Taffinder you know I mean that in the most spiritual way possible rightS! Lol you WON'T be disappointed TRUST me….
Bridgette Shaman
“I asked Adrian to have a session with my 16 year old daughter who had experienced difficulties whilst at High School and I was keen to ensure her College and then University experiences would be better (in respect with attendance and communication with peers and teachers). After his 2 hour session with her she was much brighter and more positive about herself and the impact of others on her experience. She appears to be more focused and productive in her work and her attitude has changed as she is less aggressive and more in control. Adrian connected very well with my daughter and she was able to participate and benefit - where many others have failed over the years.”
Michelle Poole
Virtual Hand | Owner
“I had the pleasure of being a cohort member with Adrian in the 2014 Train the Trainer program with Jack Canfield. Adrian is passionate about bringing healing and transformation to students and anyone else who may be interested. Adrian is eloquent, knowledgeable, and committed to his work. If you have an opportunity to sample Adrian's meditations or other programs, I would urge you to do so.”
Karen Duggan
Organisation Effective Consultant & Mindfulness Teacher
Wow! I meet new people everyday from all walks of life and Adrian is the type of person that is completely memorable, I was mesmerised by his intelligence, persona and abilities to take my mind to another level. I learn something new and valuable for my business with each encounter. You need to meet this guy!
Hugh Mann Adamson
LTBL Productions | Managing Director