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Meet the Surgeon


Coming from a self-made background, Adrian Taffinder brings over 20 years of study, and a wealth of knowledge in human behaviour and mind-set. He provides clients and audiences, with the latest cutting edge strategies, technologies, and techniques from the human potential field. A successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary, with his own rich tapestry of life experiences, Adrian aims to educate, inspire, and empower people to make the most out of their lives, by releasing their true potential.

Otherwise known as the “Sub-Conscious Surgeon”, Adrian is passionate about helping people to shift the emotional blocks, which could be sabotaging their success and happiness. He firmly believes that in order to release our true potential, we must delve much deeper in to the sub-conscious mind, if we are to get a functional change in our beliefs and emotions. With the help of Subconscious Surgery we can literally rewire, and re-programme our neurological architecture and thought patterns, and create new habits, which serve our purpose, and facilitate a more prosperous future.

Adrian’s charitable nature has led to his passion of Energising The Youth. He’s worked tirelessly on this project by delivering workshops, seminars, and collaborating with other businesses, and business leaders in a number of different sectors, with a view to ensuring that we equip the youth of today, with the right tools and techniques, which are aimed at inspiring generations of global leaders in both the public and private sectors.

Not one to be camera shy, Adrian has delivered a number of YouTube talks on the subject of the subconscious mind, and Subconscious Surgery. Some of his talks, such as Taming The Inner Child, and Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining, have had an enormously positive impact on his audiences, who appear to be pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by his vast scientific knowledge.

Adrian currently offers one to one Subconscious Surgery sessions in person or over Skype, and is often hired as a public speaker at various business shows and events across the UK. If you are interested in booking a FREE Subconscious Surgery consultation with Adrian, or hiring him to speak at your next business event, then please send an email to info@subconscioussurgery.com.