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One to One Sessions

What Is A One To One Subconscious Surgery Session?
A One to One Subconscious Surgery session is a bespoke personal journey, into your subconscious mind, and how it affects your daily life and activities. Unknowingly the subconscious mind controls 95% of a person’s behaviour every day, more often sabotaging your efforts and limiting your beliefs. Subconscious Surgery is possibly the fastest way of modifying these patterns to achieve the results which you haven't previously been able to achieve. Watch the video below, where Business Owner & Director John Blaskey explain's how releasing his limiting beliefs with the help of Subconscious Surgery has significantly change his life, within just a few weeks:
The 5 Major Side Effects of Subconscious Surgery
1) It's worth noting that one of the main side effects reported by the majority of people who've undergone Subconscious Surgery, is a huge boost in confidence both their business, and personal lives.

2) Heightened sense of happiness, as you learn to stop pushing against life and start allowing life to happen naturally.

3) Clarity when making business, and personal decisions. Life becoming much easier than ever before.

4) Subconscious Surgery is fast, and permanent. Once you have removed a particular self-limiting belief, it will not reoccur. How quickly Subconscious Surgery therapy works for you depends on your level of commitment towards booking your sessions, and following the personalised prescription by way of affirmations that are tailored specifically for your situation, needs and requirements.

5) Magnetic Pull/Attraction from people that would not ordinarily approach them for business, or just to say hello.
What Can I Expect During A One To One Subconscious Surgery Session?
Your sessions are aimed at helping you to eliminate your self limiting beliefs by unblocking the negative emotions, which are preventing you from moving forward in a particular area of your life. Unlike all other therapies, Subconscious Surgery does not require the client to identify the issue. If you are currently experiencing a negative recurring pattern of behaviour in your life, and you would like to get rid of it, then your Subconscious Surgeon will identify the exact cause of that behaviour, how old you were when you first acquired it, who was responsible for initiating it (usually a family member or close friend), and where in your body you are actually storing the negative emotions relating to that particular recurring pattern of behaviour.

A typical one to one Subconscious Surgery session will last between 1-2 hours, depending on how quickly you would like to work at eliminating your self-limiting beliefs, so that you are able to move on to a more harmonious, confident, and happy lifestyle.

The sessions can be quite emotionally energetic and challenging, so if you are having your session online, it is always advisable for you to make sure that you are sitting in a quite room with plenty of privacy. Ensure that you have plenty of clean drinking water by your side, as most clients tend to feel quite thirsty during their sessions. It would also be handy for you to have some tissues close by.

During a session, you will be required to have both of your hands free, in order to participate in some tapping during your session. Therefore, if you are using a phone, or an iPad/Tablet for your session, then please ensure that it is placed on a stand, which does not require you to hold it.

A one to one Subconscious Surgery session can also be done over the phone without video. In this case, you would have to email over a recent photograph of yourself (or the person you want to test) to the Subconscious Surgeon, prior to your phone session. The Subconscious Surgeon is able to get exactly the same results, as though you were both sitting in the same room. This method is often used by Entrepreneurs and Business Investors who are seeking advance information on whether they should invest in a particular project/business, or whether entering into a business partnership with a particular individual/s will sabotage their business or business interests.