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Network Marketing

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Lack of Self belief Leadership
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Network marketing is a billion dollar industry currently experiencing major growth as more people seek a better lifestyle and work-life balance and the opportunity to build their own business without major capital investment. With consistent effort there is a great opportunity to make some serious money but often, those who enter into this new realm of personal development struggle to sell their products, recruit new team members and effectively lead and manage their down line. New team members become overwhelmed with the volume of daily calls required to get the results, coupled with rejections, negative comments from family/friends and prospects disappearing off the face of the earth when you try to follow up. Team members who are not properly nurtured give up blaming their lack of success on the network marketing industry. So if you don’t fully believe in what you are selling or believe in yourself, you will be conflicted in selling it to someone. You will come across as unbelievable and unconfident – and if you don’t believe, why should your prospects and team members.

It all comes down to your relationship with money and success. Lack of self-belief in your ability from the constant rejection can manifest as stress, depression, lack of motivation, feeling worthless, lead to procrastination as it prevents you from taking the action required to advance up the rankings.

Subconscious Surgery can help you change your life story by removing the old scripts and limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and replace them with beliefs that serve you. Thus releasing you from the prison of your old thoughts and enabling you to ‘get out of your own way’ and achieve the success you desire.


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