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So what is Subconscious Surgery?
Think of it like cosmetic surgery, where we have a surgeon reshape something about our physical appearance that we are unhappy with. Similarly, if you have a feeling you don't want which is negatively impacting your life, I help to take that away. I reshape the emotions that you don’t want, the ones that are negatively impacting your life and results, the ones you find difficulty in letting go of.

Step One

Initial 30 min consultation

  • Understand your current situation and where you want to be
  • Talk through the technique and how it works
  • See if we are a fit for each other
  • Develop a programme suited to your needs
  • Offer a money back guarantee

Step Two


  • First session face to face where possible
  • Establish key objectives of session
  • Muscle test to gauge level of resistance
  • Identify the language in your subconscious which is keeping you stuck

Step Three


  • Use language taken from session combined with a unique process to release negative response pattern
  • Original statements are tested to ensure emotional release

Step Four


  • Phone and email support is available in between sessions as required
  • Implement new daily habits to develop your mental muscles and to reprogramme new beliefs
  • Affirmations, meditation, visualization exercises
  • Appointment, Daily Habit reminders to keep you on track
  • Video training program to compliment your journey
“Adrian's technique can be neither explained nor believed without experiencing it first-hand. This guy really is a “witch doctor” and mean that fondly. I have tried other techniques in the past, but absolutely nothing comes close to what Adrian does! I cannot recommend him enough.”
Andrew Miller | High impact coach

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